Avhana Health

Leading organizations that have revenue at risk (ACO, PCMH, FQHC, etc.) choose Avhana Health, the quality improvement platform.

Avhana’s unique point of care clinical workflow tools and performance monitoring helps at all stages of the patient visit. Medical assistants and their care team utilizing the pre-visit planning dashboard can document, and queue follow up actions many days in advance of the patient encounter. When a provider enters the chart, they are happy to see all the documentation is already completed to comply with their quality programs. After the encounter, the quality management staff can better understand the quality workflows and how to make actionable change to ensure compliance and healthier patients. 

We are your partners in quality. With the Avhana Health platform our clients:

  • Decrease Documentation Time: Providers and clinical staff can save as much as 40 minutes a day from activities that are eliminated by pre-visit planning. (1,2,3)
  • Increase Quality Scores: Clients have seen 10-13% improvement in quality measures.(4)

Decrease Documentation Time

  • Queue up and document orders, before the encounter, based on patient’s clinical information, that gets automatically added to the patient's chart upon check-in
  • Identify and document clinical interventions based on patient data

Increase Quality Scores

  • Run reports on quality performance and platform utilization, in real-time, to quickly identify and close gaps in care, which empowers quality managers to make actionable changes
  • Document the correct follow-up action, every time, ensuring you satisfy important quality measures and billing requirements
  • With Avhana, clients see an average of 5% improvement in their quality measures compared to their peers, with many measures improving 10-13% (4)


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By using Avhana Health, the quality improvement platform, providers and clinical staff can save as much as 40 minutes a day from activities that are eliminated by pre-visit planning and see an improvement as large as 10-13% in quality measures.