CHADIS - Web-based data collection system for all ages and all stages. Questionnaires are automatically sent to patients and results are returned directly to patient charts in TouchWorks & Professional EHR

CHADIS is the most complete web-based patient data collection system for all ages and all stages. Included are over 600 questionnaires for general health, behavioral health, development and autism, social determinants of health, and more. It automatically assigns, requests, collects, scores, interprets and reports patient-generated data.

With CHADIS, patient questionnaires can be done electronically, before appointments and results are automatically returned to the patient’s chart in TouchWorks and Professional EHR. Practices save time and money by no longer having to manually administer, score, and upload results to the EHR. CHADIS also offers decision support, customized treatment plans, and local and national resources to simplify workflow for providers.

Support telehealth efforts

  • Pre-visit data collection from home
  • Graphics for shared decision making that can be viewed during televisits
  • Patient-specific education in secure individualized care portal pages for post-visit instructions
  • Over 600 questionnaires and tools

Improve Office Workflow

  • Online screening saves office staff time – no more paper and manual scoring of the ASQ-3™, M-CHAT-R™, Vanderbilt, and over 600 other questionnaires. 
  • Pre-visit data collection allows the clinician to focus on addressing patient concerns and visit agenda.

Increase Practice Income and Enhance Reputation

  • Increase practice income with developmental and health screening tools eligible for 96110 and 99420 billing to insurance or Medicaid.
  • CHADIS provides documentation generated by the patient verifying visit complexity for higher-level codes.
  • Powering your practice with the best in today’s information technology shows your commitment to evidence-based patient-centered care.

Provide Enhanced Patient Care

  • CHADIS screening tools and questionnaires fulfill American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations and Bright Futures guidelines for routine care.
  • Evidence-based tools assist providers in accurately identifying problems and providing real-time suggestions for appropriate clinical response.
  • CHADIS enables families to list concerns and goals before the visit improving patient-centered care.

Maintenance of Certification Assistance

  • Earn Part 4 Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credits by using CHADIS for Autism, Developmental Screening, Asthma Care, ADHD Care and Family Stress Care.
  • Automated data collection and tracking for Quality Improvement (QI) programs.

Practice Level Certification Assistance

  • CHADIS can provide data and reports to help with Meaningful Use criteria, Medical Home, Community Health Needs Assessments and other Federal requirements.


 Apr 05, 2019
"My short time experience with CHADIS integrated has been great! It’s a product that actually does what it says it will do! The discrete data elements and the ease of use have made the transition rather painless.” — Becky Senesac, CPC, EFPM, EHR Service Manager, Primary Care Health Partners, Williston, VT