Clinic Q

The Clinic Q suite consists of three major products: digital intake, patient payments, and patient cost estimates.

Q Flow: Mobile-first, patient-specific workflows streamline patient intake 

  • 80% of patients pre-check prior to their visit, reducing in-clinic wait times 
  • Specialty-specific workflows gather patient health data in a way that is responsive to each patient’s clinical history, appointment type, and reason for visit 
  • Clinical data captured integrated into discrete fields in Allscripts 
  • In-clinic check-in tablets and kiosks available 

Q Pay: Consumer-friendly patient payments reduce patient A/R and eliminate surprise bills 

  • Provides flexible payment options pre-visit, at check-in, and post-visit 
  • Card-on-file functionality supports easy payments throughout the episode of care 
  • Pre-service benefits review and cost estimates drive cost clarity 

Q Code: Patient-friendly cost estimates increase pre-service collections and enhance price transparency 

  • Gives patients cost clarity by generating highly-accurate cost estimates prior to treatment 
  • Enables deposit collection ahead of high-cost procedures, as well as pre-visit payments for in-office services 
  • Eliminates manual work required to generate estimates

Patient Cost Estimates
Digital Intake