Elsevier Interactive Patient Education for Infobutton

Simplify access to evidence-based patient education

Elsevier Interactive Patient Education for Infobutton provides evidence-based, patient-friendly text and video education within Allscripts Professional, TouchWorks, and Sunrise EHR. Tagged with extensive metadata, education is suggested based on a patient’s condition, medications etc., and automatically documented within their record when printed or pushed to the patient portal.

Interactive Patient Education supports key regulatory and accreditation requirements and quality standards. Integrated and easily accessible, it helps improve patient understanding, participation and outcomes.

Interactive Patient Education Text

  • Includes instructions for conditions/diseases, health topics, information sheets for all FDA-approved and many over-the-counter drugs, and lab test education
  • Available in up to 17 languages
  • Easy-to-read content written at or below the 4th-grade level and standard content averages the 6th-grade reading level

Interactive Patient Education Video

  • Covers conditions, procedures, lifestyle modifications and other topics
  • Features 3D graphics, onscreen text and closed captioning in both English and Spanish
  • Library of short videos (2-3 minutes long) allows care team to create personalized playlists

Watch the September 2017 App of the Month Webinar: Improve Patient Understanding and Outcomes with Elsevier Patient Education


RICE for Routine Care of Injuries.pdf

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