As a global leader in enterprise data capture, mobile computing, printing, and RFID solutions, Zebra is a trusted partner of thousands of hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare systems around the world. Combining the latest mobile and printing technologies with over 50 years of proven expertise, Zebra designs and produces the highest quality, purpose-built healthcare solutions with disinfectant-ready materials and the lowest cost of long-term ownership. Zebra solutions are also validated for use with all Allscripts software applications.

Getting the most out of your Allscripts Sunrise™ EHR and ERP systems starts with the right data capture, connectivity, and mobile computing. That’s why Allscripts and Zebra have teamed up to offer a comprehensive suite of technologies that are validated for all Allscripts applications— enabling seamless mobile workflows, clinical communications, and care coordination.

Three Components of Better Allscripts Clinical Workflows:

  1. Mobile Computing - Zebra mobile computers put all the digital tools your healthcare providers need at their fingertips. Zebra allows providers to access Allscripts and other healthcare applications, scan barcodes with built-in scanning, and share real-time communications and alerts to help them coordinate care and improve patient care outcomes.
  2. Label Printing - Zebra barcode label, RFID, wristband, and ID card printers produce the barcodes and identifying information to track everything from positive patient identification to lab specimens, blood samples, and bedside medications.
  3. Barcode Scanning - Zebra’s advanced barcode scanners enable faster and more reliable capture of 1D/2D barcodes at the point of care—ensuring positive patient identification while streamlining healthcare workflows and delivering data into your Allscripts systems as quickly and efficiently as possible.