ActX is the first company to make the everyday use of genomic information feasible for practicing physicians. ActX provides a complete solution that uses genetics to alert physicians about drug-genome interactions and actionable medical risks. ActX enables a new era of precision medicine.

The ActX Service includes affordable, saliva based, genetic testing that leads to built-in alerts and a genomic risk profile display integrated into Allscripts.

ActX is a complete Genomic Decision Support Service integrated into Allscripts. You can see genetically based, actionable medical risks as well as alerts about medication efficacy, dosing, and adverse reactions; all of the information is accessible within your Allscripts Electronic Health Record.

After writing a prescription, ActX will alert you about potential medication efficacy, dosing, or possible adverse reactions based on the patient’s genomics. You always will have the option to see supporting information and references.

You can view your patient’s genomic profile with Allscripts. The profile includes a display of actionable serious medical risks with suggestions for management. You always will have the option to see supporting information and references. The profile is frequently updated to reflect the latest medical knowledge. ActX will also create an alert for you if a new serious clinical risk is identified for the patient.

Every time you access the patient’s genomic profile or write a prescription, you will receive relevant, up-to-date information based on your patient’s genomics. There is no need to decipher lengthy reports. We do the work for you and alert you to actionable risks.

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