CORAnet Solutions, Inc.

CORAnet Solutions, Inc. is a software development company that specializes in the design, development, implementation and maintenance of personal and collaborative health information technology solutions directly to the consumers and the government. We solve the lack of on-demand access to lifesaving health information by providing a secure, interoperable Mobile Personal Health Information Exchange (PHIE) platform, to help individuals and their families own and control their personal health records. Additionally, we provide a platform for remote health care delivery and monitoring thru a telemedicine platform and make wearable biometric sensors an effective tool to engage users in their care through predictive data analytics alerting users for unusual patterns advising them when to consult their provider before problems become chronic.

By enhancing its functionality with personal health decision support based on person centered and patient-centric smart analytics, CORAnet creates a component bridge that delivers the breakthrough capability for putting health and wellness management literally in the hands and power of consumers moving the traditional physician-demand driven control to the patient side, thus advancing the revolutionary change toward health consumerism.

CORAnet Solutions has an easily accessible and navigable platform that displays a range of personalized health information from multiple sources. Clinical data from EHRs, data from monitoring devices at home, lab and diagnostic test results and information the patient has entered. The PHIE platform serves as a communication hub where consumers, physicians, nurses, health coaches and advocates, pharmacies and others can accurately exchange messages at any time using a messaging template.

CORAnet’s disruptive technology helps hospitals and doctors’ practices enhance work flow that increases revenue by giving them access to medical data whenever and wherever the patient has been seen using mobile devices. We support insurance companies with revenue optimization thru evidenced based data – patient-centric support; promote doctor-patient communication - reduces need for inpatient visits; provider to provider data sharing –longitudinal data access; quality and safety enhancement with patient/family involvement; medication safety; enhance coordinated care management; interoperability of data; leap frog HIE and standardization; reduce doctors time; reduce hospital admission; prescription can be revised without seeing doctor; collaborative community with the exchange; bridge between inpatient and outpatient care.

CORAnet Solutions has created a system that allows people (such as doctors, healthcare providers and individuals) to carry personal medical records.  The solution is secure, personalized and allows on demand access to any the information while also assuring that it remains private, intact and up-to-date.

The system is certified by Allscripts, a global Electronic Health Record company; recognized by the ONC as a true Blue Button Connector; recipient of 2017 Frost & Sullivan award for Mobile EHR Solution Competitive Innovation Strategy and Leadership and is the system that formed the basis for the Blue Button. It has patent issued in US, Canada and China as well as trademarks in the US. Another patent is pending for incorporating biometrics data into the PHIE.

Value Proposition

  • Resolves complex distributed infrastructure across diverse hospital networks and patient care providers.
  • Delivers immediate added value to healthcare providers seeking who are engaged in risk contracts to reduce per capita healthcare costs and improve outcomes.
  • A catalyst for integrating personal health data with inpatient information creating true interoperability.
  • Supports ROI enabling greater access, efficiency and actionable patient data anywhere, anytime while supporting workflow seamlessly.
  • Delivers the power to reduce costs of untreated chronic illnesses via a virtual teleconsultation platform.


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