FIGmd Inc. an MRO Company

This is HtmlBody -   FIGmd is a leader in providing healthcare solutions & rapid deployment of secure, interop driven, clinical, claims & quality data acquisition platforms. With an expansive suite of modern, scalable offerings, we power multiple healthcare solutions such as payer dashboards, providers’ portals, configure and operate registries, clinical quality & performance management systems, risk analytics, clinical trials, and many others to positively affect our client's financial health and performance. Our clients over the last decade include CROs, Payers, Health systems, Practices, Specialty societies, Pharma amongst others. We are a pioneer in providing clinical data registry services to more than 19 medical societies across the United States of America. Visit for more information. 

As a single source technology and service provider for health systems and providers, MRO’s EMR integration, workflow and clinical data solutions improve clinical and financial outcomes requiring extraction and interoperability of medical records, structured and unstructured data. These solutions support enterprise-wide applications, including: 

  • Quality measurement and reporting
  • Payer access
  • Revenue integrity and audit management
  • Registries
  • Release of information
  • And more

Through innovation, emerging technologies, and deep domain expertise, MRO is connecting over 200 EHR and practice management systems, extracting more than 10,200 clinical data elements, and engaging nearly 200,000 providers, securely, efficiently and compliantly. For more information, visit

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