Tissue Analytics

The 8.5 million Americans living with chronic wounds, such as bedsores and diabetic ulcers, cost the US healthcare system $30 billion each year. The high cost of care can be linked to two problems:

     1. Insufficient access to highly specialized physicians and clinics, and
     2. Crude wound assessment and tracking technologies.

A simple ruler is the most common tool to track wounds over time. This technique is so variable and prone to error that doctors are often unable to determine if prescribed treatments are working.

Tissue Analytics, Inc., (TA), a spinout of Johns Hopkins University and headquartered in downtown Baltimore, has combined state of the art computer vision and machine learning algorithms with high quality application design to produce Mobile Wound Care. The application, fueled by TA’s validated algorithms, gives providers the ability to track the progression of their patients’ wounds with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

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