WayStride Inc.

Waystride is building an experience and community that guides people through their hospital experiences via the GPS-like Waystride Application and a platform that equpis healthcare providers with tools and data that aggregates into simple reports.

Waystride seeks to help people by providing meaningful and practical tools that people are empowered to use. Rather than ignoring the problem of patient frustration when it comes to wayfinding, Waystride seeks to offer an accessible solution in order to eliminate the anxiety of feeling lost by providing a personal guide directing patients to their appointments with ease.

We aim to add value to hospitals by eliminating wayfinding interruptions and therefore boosting hospital employee efficiency so that saved money may be reinvested where it is truly needed. The app also collects and configures data relating to how people interact with and work throughout specific hospital campuses, and Waystride aims to help hospitals make informed operating decisions based upon that data.