Samantha by NoteSwift

Samantha’s New OnePage, is a physician’s digital assistant

Samantha’s NEW OnePage version, allows a physician to dictate the narrative of a new patient encounter or update an existing patient’s note. As the provider is dictating, Samantha’s artificial intelligence and natural language understanding are working in real time.

Samantha intelligently parses the narrative text and intelligently identifies the structured data Allscripts Professional EHR requires. Samantha ensures the terms the clinician dictated are what the Allscripts Professional expects and automatically assigns the proper coding. Samantha automatically and seamlessly enters all of the patient information into the Allscripts Professional, exactly where the data needs to be, just as if the physician had entered it themselves—all without navigating screen to screen and with just a few clicks.

In addition to our patent pending artificial intelligence using NLP and machine learning in Samantha, what sets us apart from other solutions is our seamless integration with the Allscripts Professional.
We use Allscripts Unity APIs interfaces to know where to input all the data. Samantha places the structured data and narrative text where it needs to be in the EHR and selects the appropriate check boxes to complete the note. We understand what terminology the EHR is expecting. This allows Samantha to match dictated terms with the proper equivalent in the EHR and detects potential conflicts or ambiguous terms, automatically prompting the user to review and confirm the best match, ensuring maximum accuracy.

Samantha also learns from the provider and will improve upon the tasks that the physician most commonly performs over time—just like a transcriptionist, but in real time and without the expense.

Samantha’s OnePage Key Differentiators:

Operates from a single screen so you don’t have to navigate all the screens in Allscripts Professional
Virtually eliminates clicking by intelligently checking the check boxes and automatically placing the data where it needs to go in the EHR
Intelligently identifies the structured data elements from the narrative text
Samantha takes the free text narrative Hyperlipidemia and places it in the EHR as a diagnosis with ICD-10 code, Hyperlipidemia E78.5
Automatically assigns the coding (e.g., CPT, SNOMED, ICD-10, etc.) for billing, insurance, and federal mandates
Is seamlessly integrated into Allscripts Professional EHR
Has built-in speech recognition and is also speech recognition agnostic. Samantha can independently work with any medical speech recognition product, such as Dragon Medical One, NVoq or M*Modal
Utilizes your existing templates in Review of Systems and Physical Exam. Samantha OnePage shows a listing of your templates as well as the content so you don’t have to remember all the details and update the specifics for that patient.


Noteswift Samantha Spec Sheet Allscripts 2019.pdf


 Apr 05, 2019
NoteSwift pulled everything together for me—I save 8 minutes on every note versus using medical speech recognition. With NoteSwift, I do not have to search for terms. I speak into the EHR system and the billing code is already attached. Prior to NoteSwift, I would take 1 hours of charting home each night...not anymore. NoteSwift has also saved us $35,000 a year in transcription costs. — Dr. Charles Castillo, Arizona Associated Surgeons

 Jul 15, 2019
NoteSwift has really taken my dictation and documentation overall to a new level. The ability to dictate into multiple discrete fields in one easy monologue has really streamlined my day. I feel so much more productive. I am still customizing my templates so it can only get better. I highly recommend.