NoteSwift was initially founded by practicing Neurologist Dr. Chris Russell, to improve efficiency and productivity with his own practice’s electronic health records. Dr. Russell used medical speech recognition, but that only performed part of the job. His challenge was filling in all the fields, check boxes and ensuring structured data elements were correct throughout all the menu screens of the EHR. Given his background in software development (as well as his degree as a leading neurologist), he developed a concept that took the narrative from speech recognition and input the data directly into all areas of the EHR.

In 2018, we delivered Samantha, using our patent pending AI, NLP and machine learning technologies. How did we come up with the name Samantha: it’s because of what she is - Semi-AutonoMous Adaptive Note Transcription Heuristic Algorithm and winner of the Product Evolution Award at the Allscripts Developer Conference.

Samantha saves time by processing the note in less than 2 minutes, virtually eliminating clicks and increases facetime between patient and provider. She is a perfect compliment to your existing speech recognition or has her own. Samantha will save on transcription and scribe services and ultimately ease the burden on the physician to reduce administrative burnout. Overall, Samantha helps in better patient outcomes and is used across many medical specialties in a multitude of workflows.

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