Using our working integration with Allscripts Enterprise, ePREOP extracts patient data, evaluates the data through various, customizable algorithms, and presents evidence-based preoperative guidelines and patient instructions directly at the point-of-care. ePREOP is also used for discrete data transfer, preoperative scheduling, authorization and screening. The application prevents case delays and cancellations, while eliminating unnecessary tests and consults. These services lead to improved postoperative outcomes, lower costs, and increased patient satisfaction. ePREOP has proven success with complicated integrations.  ePREOP has developed strong partnerships with leading perioperative vendors of all sizes and scales. These live integrations connect community Allscripts client data with the hospital. ePREOP is expanding decision support beyond surgical care and developing tools to incorporate preventive CMS and ACO guidelines (such as indications for colonoscopy, mammography, immunizations, and other screenings.)

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